Simon Spain

'For me, capacity building within the arts sector is absolutely vital in developing existing and new practice, particularly with artists working in socially engaged or public participatory ways. Fostering creative risk taking, co-learning and exchange and personal artistic development feeds the sector and builds confidence and skills to deliver powerful and transformative arts experiences'

Simon is on the Situate Assessment and Planning Panel and will be joining the 2018 Arts Lab as a guest facilitator.


Simon Spain is a strong believer in the transformative power of art. His personal work reflects his own story and his work with the community, particularly his 30 years work running engaging arts programming for children and families and demonstrates his commitment to providing an opportunity for everyone to be affected by the power of art. Simon trained as a printmaker in the UK and in a journey that has taken him to work in around the world as an artist and presenter he settled in Australia just over twelve years ago, moving to Tasmania at the beginning of 2016.

Following the completion of a Masters in Social Investment and Philanthropy in 2015 Simon was invited to undertake a reflective Practice PhD reflecting on his social practice, taking as his area of research the transformative power of community engagement in the arts and the artist role in responding to the challenges of the 21st century. Simon has a family Philanthropic sub-fund with the Australian Communities Foundation for his daughter, Scarlet, who died aged 20 in 2012, that raises and distributes funds to creative projects in developing communities. 

Simon combines a personal compulsion to make art, expertise in the co-design of public participatory arts experiences and a strong entrepreneurial spirit and was awarded the Australia Council for the Arts Fellowship in Community and Cultural Development in 2017.