pvi at Vrsystaat Kunstefees

Posted by Situate
03 Aug 2016

“The Vrystaat Arts Festival is an Afrikaans language festival that embraces other languages and other cultures as well. We don’t want to just preserve Afrikaans, we want to grow it. And through growing it and making it successful, we can also embrace other languages and other cultures,”

Congratulations to our partner festival Vrystaat Kunstefees – & its director Dr Ricardo Peach, who was one of our core provocateurs for SITUATE Arts Lab 2016 – on running another successful festival this July.

SITUATE Provocateurs Steve Bull and Kelli McCluskey of the pvi collective had a presence at the event this year, with their extraordinary project Transformer, working with emerging artists and university students. Read more about this work and how it powerfully engaged artists and the local community in this blog post by performer Marica Laing.

when the game was over, hertzog square was indeed transformed. the statue of jbm hertzog was hugged with orange helium balloons, each with a word on it which will help transform the square. the trees were covered in tags on which hopes and dreams of all the participants were written as well as the solutions to the problems faced in our country. the pond was starting to look clearer and this once drab space was suddenly transformed into a cheerful and welcoming one. as i looked at the change around me i felt very happy and content.... more