SITUATE Panel: Can Art and Action Save the World?

Posted by Situate
01 Feb 2016


SITUATE Panel: Can Art and Action Save the World? – 20 JANUARY 2016

This event was livestreamed and live-tweeted using #artandaction.

When are direct action, political protest and overt interventions creative or otherwise most effective? And when might such explicit activity hinder rather than progress a cause? In a global climate driven by conservative values, fear-mongering and rationalist economics, is it really possible to activate the general populous with a view to changing the status quo, or are political actions only preaching to the converted?

The discussion was hosted by theatre-maker Deborah Pollard and featured activist, politician and artist Bob Brown, Australian artist Cigdem Aydemir (2013 SITUATE Arts Lab) South African artist Sethembile Msezane (2016 SITUATE Arts Lab) and Tasmanian writer and researcher Greg Lehman.

This event took place on Wednesday, 20 January 2016 in the Peacock Theatre, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart.