Alasdair DOYLE


Image:   Deinceps  by Alasdair Doyle (2015).

Image: Deinceps by Alasdair Doyle (2015).

Alasdair Doyle is a visual artist and art writer based in Hobart, Tasmania, completing his Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Fine Arts in art theory and electronic media at the University of Tasmania in 2015.

Alasdair’s video based practice challenges notions of societal advancement within our present cultural condition, and seeks to stimulate the way an audience thinks about and responds to the idea of ‘progress’. Through infiltrating public and private life, Doyle’s work melds commerce and cheap marketing with barren landscapes and futile gestures, to bring forth and capture the tension between consumer culture and our existential condition.

Alasdair Doyle was the 2015 Tasmanian Portraiture Prize winner, recipient of Hobart Creative City and Arts Tasmanian Artsbridge grants, and is undertaking an arts residency at Popps Packing in Detroit in late 2015.