Beth Dillon (1987) is an interdisciplinary artist who works between Australia, Switzerland and elsewhere. Her itinerant practice engages with stagings of site and self in contemporary visual culture: exploring liminal zones between situations of labour and leisure; home and holiday; local and visitor; sightseeing and research; and artist and audience. Combining elements of costumed performance, text, video and mixed-media installation, Dillon’s work plays with the gestural vocabularies and irreverent attitudes of a slapstick sensibility, experimenting with encounters of bodies and objects within spaces of the gallery, the festival and the great outdoors. 

Since 2013, Dillon has worked with Sydney artists Lachlan Herd and Kieran Bryant as ‘110%’. Their collaboration stems from the intimacy and playfulness of friendship, growing through conversation, humour, and mutual care. 110% investigate competitive cultures of self-improvement; test forms of hosting and participation; and consider the impact of long­ distance separation on collaborative practice. These works may take the form of an interruption, an invitation, an oasis, a sweaty mess.

Dillon also works with Swiss dancer and choreographer Gregory Stauffer to produce scenography, costumes and video for touring stage works including ‘Dreams for the Dreamless’ and upcoming project ‘Wild West Whatever.’

Dillon holds a BFA (1st Class Hons) from the College of Fine Arts, Sydney, and is a current research candidate in the Master of Fine Arts program at UNSW Art and Design. Her work has been supported by the Australia Council’s ArtStart Program, Copyright Agency Ignite Career Fund, the Australian Postgraduate Award and Research Excellence Award (UNSW), and the Sainsbury Sculpture Grant (NAVA).