Edward Horne

'My personal role as provocateur is one of practicality and the necessities that go behind a successful public artwork. I want to push the participants knowledge and test their abilities in understanding the elements behind this success. I will do this in a forum that questions their understanding of subjectivity and content through the choice of site, scale, use of materials and embodied meanings, that pushes them on the hard lines of budget and how much they really think things cost-the importance of budgeting. I'll also emphasise the importance of working collaboratively- whether that’s with other artists, festivals, site crew, industry members related to their fabrication or an organisation that may want support or they want to seek support from' 

Ed is on the Situate Assessment and Planning Panel, and will be joining the 2018 Arts Lab as a Provocateur


Edward Horne specialises in creative and design consultancy, fabricating site‑specific public art and design commissions for exhibitions, events, interiors, film and TV.  He delivers art and creativity for the public realm.  Edward Horne provides a comprehensive service, producing both small and large-scale artworks and design solutions.  This entails concept design and development, engineering, fabrication, installation, logistics and project management. This efficient integrated process allows for low-risk outcomes in the provision of artworks and design solutions. His studio is based in St Peters, NSW.