Jay Jermyn is a multi-disciplinary artist and musician from the gold coast with a bachelor in digital media from the Queensland college of art. Jay’s collection of artworks are defined by the intersection of the digital and the physical self, with an ongoing quest to locate and identify enigmatic identities and emotions.  

His painting practice consists of layered textural backgrounds utilising the softness of aerosols, contrasted with the clarity of acrylics and collaged digital printing . The juxtaposition of these mediums create multiple focused viewing planes, instilling a sense of depth and movement between layers.

Much of his practice is engaged with digital manipulations of his physical works giving a second filtered life to artworks. Sound is an integral part of jay’s practice. His explorations of the sonic interactions between the digital and physical led to his work in the collaborative music project Veople.

The music lies between guitars and electronic production, forming atmospheric soundscapes with an undercurrent of house-oriented rhythms. Veople from its inception was to be a collaborative platform where members, medium, visual components and direction are transient; the band’s purpose is to deliver thought-provoking work, not confined by location, structure or audience. Veople is the collaboration between multi-disciplinary artist and musician Jay Jermyn and musician Julian Currie.