DARK MOFO 2018 

WA pool test 3.jpg

Swim the distance between Australia and Manus Island in a cumulative 24-hour marathon relay at the Hobart Aquatic Centre. Tanya Lee’s Landing invites you to physically experience distance and participate in a policy of exile, which both underpinned Australia’s colonisation and is maintained today though the offshore detention of asylum seekers. Swimmers will plunge into Hobart Aquatic Centre’s Olympic-sized pool, in a group effort to swim the distance of that perilous ocean stretch. Presented by Situate Art in Festivals and Dark Mofo, with generous assistance from Cosgrove High School, Migrant Resource Centre Tasmania, From Zero to Hero, and the Tasmanian community.

+ Saturday 9 June, 6pm–Sunday 10 June, 6pm

+ Doone Kennedy Hobart Aquatic Centre, Aberdeen Street Entrance, Queens Domain, Hobart

+ Free with registration