Image:  Mat Ward in  No Mates Ensemble  at MONA FOMA (2017).

Image: Mat Ward in No Mates Ensemble at MONA FOMA (2017).

Mat Ward is a sound artist, composer and instrument maker. After graduating from the University of Tasmania in 2009 with a Masters Degree in Painting his practice shifted to Sound Art starting with experimental recordings and gallery installations through to the release of his first CD in 2012 and most recently the performance of his MONA FOMA commissioned homage to Futurist artist Luigi Russolo POAUW! He plays, designs and builds unique musical instruments and has a passion for the pioneers of sound art such as Arseny Avraamov, Leon Theremin, and Henry Partch. Of importance to his practice is the inclusion of audience and non-musically trained individuals in his performances.

This working method creates a space where personal expression and response to the moment are equal to more established aspects of music such as timbre, rhythm and harmonic development. It also encourages everyday people to think of themselves as ‘musical’ and provides new and refreshing opportunities for trained musicians to interact with the public on an equal footing. Mat maintains his links to the Visual Arts via his employment as Senior Lighting Designer at MONA. When he isn’t building or researching experimental sound he enjoys cricket, biographies and listening to Frank Zappa.