Natalie ABBOTT


Image:   YuNG & OPN  by Natalie Abbott ( 2015).

Image: YuNG & OPN by Natalie Abbott ( 2015).

Natalie Abbott is an Australian performance maker/choreographer who travels both nationally and around the world with her practice in an effort to share with and learn from others. She is committed to creating sensorial performance experiences and works closely with a team of collaborators in light, design and sound to drive her choreographic practice and deepen her understanding of performance and movement. 

Over the past three years, Natalie has self-produced and toured her work throughout Australia and the world including; YuNG + OPN (Young + Open) which premiered at the 2015 Taipei Arts Festival in Collaboration with Arts House, Melbourne; Maximum, Next Wave (NW) 2014, Scoreat Performance Space 2014, Avignon OFF Festival France 2014, Dancehouse Dance Massive 2015, PICA Perth 2015, La Boite Brisbane 2015; Physical Fractals NW 2012, PACT Sydney 2012 and AH Dance Massive 2013.

 In 2015, Natalie was an artist in residence at the Marina Abramovic Residency through Kaldor Public Art Projects (KPAP) in Sydney where she began research in critique, physical failure and performer vulnerability. She performed at the Venice Biennale with Young Boys Dancing Group and in Zurich as part of Body and Freedom. Natalie also developed and performed with French choreographer Xavier Le Roy and Scarlet Yu in Temporary Title 2015 through the Kaldor Public Art Project. 

Natalie is a collaborator for the Deep Soulful Sweats (fantasy light yoga) project regularly performed at Chunky Move and surprise locations throughout Melbourne, with guest appearances at FOLA, Dark MOFO and NWF opening party 2014. She is currently developing two new works – Limitless and Nikes – through residencies around Australia and the world.