Launceston, TAS

11-20 January 2020

Mona Foma is Mona’s summer festival of music and art. It launched in 2009, before Mona was even built, and changed Hobart’s cultural landscape overnight. And by ‘changed’ we mean it became acceptable to put birds and hair-trigger shotguns in a giant cage and play doom metal in the background.

From the start, Mona Foma’s mission has been pretty simple—to be a festival of the unexpected; a cornucopia of music and art from around the globe that provokes and surprises. Mona Foma seeks to occasionally please its audience, and sometimes (or more than sometimes) confront them. And with curator Brian Ritchie at the helm (of Violent Femmes fame) the festival has continued to grow in both size and notoriety.

 In 2019, Mona Foma relocated from the safety of Hobart (in the south) to an abandoned railway yard in Launceston (in the north). Needless to say, we used the scene-change as an excuse to push the creative boundaries once again. We’re still looking to create the most talked-about festival in the world, just in a new location and with an unsuspecting audience. Come play.

For more information on MONA FOMA see www.mofo.net.au



Image Courtesy MONA Museum of Old and New Art, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia