Image:   Lake Pedder Earthworm-   The Evolutionary Straitjacket  by Selena de Carvalho. 

Image: Lake Pedder Earthworm- The Evolutionary Straitjacket by Selena de Carvalho. 

Selena de Carvalho is a cross-disciplinary artist whose practice responds to notions of personal ecology. Her work explores a paradox inherent in our contemporary relationship with the natural world; how we yearn for the untamed and yet in our desire to experience the wild, so often seek to control it. Technology and creativity are used as a means to raise questions as opposed to providing answers.

In 2013 Selena received the Dombrovskis Award, as part of this project she completed an internship with Magnificent Revolution, a pop up pedal powered cinema collective and created Forecast (the anatomy of change). She was also part of the Networked Art Forms: Tactical Magick Faerie Circuits at Cat (Contemporary Art Tasmania) as part of Dark MOFO. In 2014 she developed the Evolutionary StraitJacket, a participatory performance where audiences are introduced to extinct animals and invited to wear totems of these animals and join in singing karaoke-pop songs that are lyrically rich with tales of evolution, survival or wildness.

Most recently Selena is the 2015 recipient of the Jim Bacon Award, was the Artist in Residence at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery and is currently Co-Chair of Constance ARI where she is project coordinator for Constance internships for the forthcoming GASP! Swimmable commissions.