Técha Noble is an interdisciplinary artist who lives and works in Sydney, exploring ideas around gender, identity and the body. These ideas have various transmissions across gallery-based exhibitions, live performance arenas and design based projects. Técha interfaces with popular culture via fashion, album cover design, music videos direction and set design. These experiences within a commercial sphere offer critique and influence to her art products that seek conversation with visual arts history and critical thinking.

Técha is a founding and ongoing member of the collective The Kingpins formed in 2000. Using collage methodologies as a way of rethinking and reworking signs of power. Their ideas originated in live performance; in essence drag shows that play with extending their own physicality through costume, gesture and dance. By sampling found audio, hacking music video choreography and using pastiche costume pieces and wigs, they re-narrate cultural memory into own aesthetic language. These outcomes include sculptural installations, film clips as well as staged performances. The Kingpins have exhibited and performed extensively including Performance Space, MCA San Diego & MCA Sydney, Art Basel Miami, as well as several Biennale exhibitions.

Her work within the commercial sphere is also situated in the construction of identity via music and costume. Recent commissions include art direction and set design for US band The Gossips European tour 2012, design and creative direction for upcoming Romance Was Born fashion show for spring summer 2013, collaboration with Kanye West on his premier fashion collection in Paris 2011, Art Director and Designer for Sony artist Sia and music video for New York based band MEN.