Image:   Boundless Planes  by Tomjo Blake (2015)

Image: Boundless Planes by Tomjo Blake (2015)

Tom is currently developing a new SITUATE work for THE UNCONFORMITY in 2018 in collaboration with Dominique CHEN

Through sculpture, printmaking, performance and video, Tomjo creates works that utilise isolated moments and fragmented symbols as potential sites for contemplating the various psychological frameworks and technological networks that surround us.

Previous works include Micronational a one-on-one performance presented at the Art Gallery of Western Australia as part of Proximity Festival, exploring the physical, digital and psychological states people consciously and subconsciously occupy; and Boundless Planes, a two-month durational piece, in which Tomjo used a small sailboat to meet with individual airline passengers as they flew over the sea into Sydney — capturing each other on their mobile phones as their paths crossed momentarily.

During 2013-14 he was mentored by Ken Unsworth (b.1931) through the support of the Clitheroe Foundation. Tomjo has since been a finalist in the Fisher’s Ghost Art Award, The Blake Prize, the Fremantle Print Award and has undertaken residencies with the Museo de Arte Moderno (MAM) Chiloé, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA), North Metro TAFE (Central Institute of Technology), Fremantle Arts Centre (FAC) and Tenjinyama Art Studios (Japan).